WordPress Plugins

WordPress Plugins

wordpress puginsThis is a small list of the wordpress plugins that I personally use on all of my mini blogs. Most of these wordpress plugins are totally free, the one that does come with a price tag  I have found invaluable for on page seo. However you do not need to purchase it.

WordPress Plugins-Vital Free WordPress Plugins

  • All in one SEO

    All in one seo takes care of your titles, keywords and descriptions. It is the first plugin that I install on each and every blog that I create. Remember that your title should be in this format; Main keyword of post-Related Keyword-Related keyword no more than 60 ish characters.

  • Google XML Sitemaps

    Google XML sitemaps generates a search engine friendly site map for your blog. It also notifies google, ask, bing and yahoo if you have a yahoo key of your blogs existence. This like all in one seo is a total must install on every blog.

  • cbnet Ping Optimizer

    This excellent wordpress plugin stops your wordpress blog from pinging each time you update a blog post. If you have a large list of ping sites in your settings/writing, then these sites will be pinged every time you update a post. If you like me update a post many times while you are editing it then you run the risk of being labeled a ping spammed. cbnet Ping Optimizer will only allow you to ping when you publish the initial post. There is also a manual ping button in the setting section of cbnet Ping Optimizer.

WordPress Plugins-WordPress Analytics

  • Ultimate Google Analytics

    Ultimate Google Analytics allows you to link your blog to your google analytics account just by adding your google analytics code number to the plugin and pressing update. No code, no php, no java script. Just get your code number, insert it into the ultimate google analytics wordpress plugin and press update and your done.

WordPress Plugins-WordPress Plugins that I just Like

  • TweetMeme Button

    This button will do nothing for your blog except give your users an easy way to tweet your blog posts. I just like the way it looks on my pages and if I write a post that I don’t intend to submit to onlywire or whatever then I can tweet it myself while I am proof reading the post.

Regardless of what you think of Twitter it is remarkably popular and it will bring traffic to your pages, especially if someone with perceived authority tweets your page. So why not make it easy for people to tweet your content.

WordPress Plugins-Paid WordPress Plugins

I actually have paid for a few wordpress plugins some where a waste of money two weren’t. The one paid wordpress plugin that I install on all my mini blogs is Daniel Tans SEOPressor. It has improved my onpage seo so much that words cannot explain.

  • SEOPressor

    SEOPressor works by ensuring that your chosen keyword/keywords are properly formatted on your post in SEO friendly fashion. It gives your post a score depending on how well your on page SEO is written. If your score is low you go back and edit with the tips that SEOPRessor gives you.

From using this wonderful plugin I have come to the stage where my whole perception and understanding of on page seo has totally altered.

SEOPressor is really worth the cost for anyone who is interested in learning the techniques of on page seo.

If you are interest in checking out SEOPressor here is a link to the website that offers it: SEOPressor

WordPress Plugins-WordPress Spam

If you are running several to many mini blogs then forget plugins to control spam just go to settings/discussion, click the Automatically close comments on articles older than box, and make the days box read 1 day.

Then to close off the dreaded track back cialis spam, unclick all boxes in the default articles settings, click every other box except the enable threaded comments box and go to the bottom and press save changes.

You will never again get a comment and this is unfortunate but believe me if you are running 10 or more mini blogs and this track back stuff totally avoids comment moderation so you are telling google that you are linking back to porn and cialis sites the only quick answer is cut the comments.

On this blog which I use as my personal net outlet I still allow comments but I do moderate and just trash any comment that has obviously not even read the content.

Onwards and upwards!

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