What is SEO

What is SEO

what is seoThe simple answer to the question what is seo is that seo in an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is the art of writing for search engines. I use the word art in relation to writing for search engines because there is very little in common between creative writing an search engine writing. 

What is SEO-How Search Engines Work

Search engines work by sending out bots or robots to scan every page on the Internet and return with what the information from that page that the search engine values. This information is stored in vast data banks and when a web surfer puts a search term into a search bar the search engine matches the search with the pages it believes are most relevant to that search term from the robot supplied information stored in its data banks. 

What is SEO-How Robots Operate

Everybody claims to know how search engine robots actually work but very few seem to be acting as if they know. Here are some startling facts concerning search engine robots, the very critters who decide if your beautiful web pages are worth the pixels they are written on: 

  • Search engine robots are color blind.
  • Search engine robots have no idea what a picture is, or any image for that matter.
  • Search engine robots are completely clueless in every fashion with one exception. They can read text.

But here’s the thing reading text is one thing knowing what your page is about and thereby including it as relevant for the content subject matter is another matter altogether. 

What is SEO-Writing for Robots

The key to good on page SEO is to write for robots while at the same time keeping your text from appearing that it was written by a two year old baboon. 

IF you are wise you will write a web page that is keyword specific. That is you will pick a keyword and write a page for that keyword. Don’t try to optimize a web page for more than one keyword unless you are the God of Search. 

When you write your page or article and include your beautiful photos and the search bot comes snooping around wondering what this garbage is about which he/she will (are robots male of female) they will go back to big daddy G with the absolute exact information that you optimized your page for in as much as they are programmed to. 

What this means is that in most cases they go back to their mother search engine with something resembling the opposite of what you meant to convey. 

You must repeat must draw the search engine bots attention to what your content theme is, and this should be your keyword or keywords in a long tail keyword scenario. 

What is SEO-Emphasizing Keywords

Emphasize you keywords to attract search bots by: 

Putting you keyword in bold tags 

Putting your keyword in Italic tags 

Underlining your keyword 

Putting your keyword in h1 tags 

Putting your keyword in h2 tags 

Putting your keyword in h3 tags 

Always, always, always have your keyword prominent in the title 

Always include your key word in alt tag for all images 

Try to have your keyword in the first sentence. 

Try to have your keyword in the last sentence. 

Use your keyword a lot within the scope of the article. Keyword stuffing will be apparent to even a novice seo writer so don’t be concerned so long as your article looks like it was at least written by a two year old human. 

What is SEO-Search Engine Optimization

There are varying opinions out there regarding the value of on page search engine optimization and while it is absolutely true that big G is totally in love with back links there is a lot of evidence that Yahoo values on page seo. I personally have had mini blogs first on yahoo for a keyword with no back links and excellent on page seo. 

Remember that while the majority of organic traffic comes from Google, Yahoo traffic is still worth a lot of money. 

What is SEO-Back Links

The ideal formula for search domination is lots of back links and web pages that are written with search engine bots in mind. It is also vital that keywords are chosen with web surfers in mind. You make money by targeting what someone writes into a search bar and not by writing what you want. 

What is SEO-Google Keyword Tool

Goggles keyword tool is a superb tool for investigating keyword relevance. However it should be remembered that Google designed their keyword tool with adwords in mind. 

IT is free to use but the warning must be restated it was designed for adwords and is run for adwords. 

Keywords that Google search defines as useless with costing less than 5 cents a click regularly return good monthly income figures when used in an adsense campaign. 

This means that just because Google says that a keyword gets no searches doesn’t actually mean that this is reality in the universe that is the WWW. And if this is true so too is the opposite regarding high volume search terms from Goggles perspective. 

What is SEO-Google Search Volume

Consider the key words bad credit car loans and bad credit car loan. The following are the results form Google’s key word tool: 

Bad Credit Car Loans:  22,200 exact global searches and 12,100 exact local searches 

Bad Credit Car Loan: 9,900 exact global searches and 6,600 exact local searches 

What does this tell us? 

  • Google’s keyword tool is built for adwords which is Google’s advertising platform. So keeping this in mind think this out:
  • A bank or financial institution advertising for bad credit auto business will use the plural keyword i.e. loans.
  • A web surfer looking to buy a car with bad credit is only looking for 1 loan so he/she will more than likely use the singular version i.e. loan.
  • Yet Google’s keyword tool which is built for advertisers tells that most web surfers use the plural. What do you think?

I personally believe that most web surfers would use the search term bad credit car loan while most financial institutions looking for business would use the key word bad credit car loans to base their adwords campaign on. 

This is a classic case of key word versus search term. As a webmaster using keywords to rank in search engines it is vital that you consider your customers and what they might type into a search bar rather than blindly following key word tool data. 

 Remember that all key word tools on the market are based on Google’s data. 

 The secret of success is; think for yourself; think outside the box. 

What is SEO-Key Word Campaigns

If an adword advertiser where to use the information obtained from Google’s keyword tool and a key words search numbers didn’t pan out, the advertiser will not really be hurt because no clicks = no cost. 

However if a webmaster where to use this key word search volume for some of the uses below it could be a costly error in judgment. 

  • Buy a domain name
  • Build a web page or even web site
  • Embark on a marketing campaign