What is Google’s First Page

What is Google’s First Page

It really is amazing how much we know but how little we understand in a deep meaningful way. We give lip service to the correct way but then proceed to do what we want and then wonder why nothing is working out for us like we believe it should. It is like the Einstein quote about insanity. The definition of insanity is to keep on doing the same things and expect different results.

For every 10,000 people who are struggling to make a few cents a day online there is someone sitting in a basement using the same resources making over $1K a day.

Why is this, why is life so unfair, why do so many work so hard and still struggle while the chosen few find it so easy to make megabucks.

The answer is simple, the chosen few, the successful people (a) are not insane in that they realize that if they want something different that they must do something different and (b) they have an uncanny ability to pay more than lip service to what they know to be true.

In short they do not do what they want merely because they want to, knowing that it is not the optimum. They do not give lip service to knowledge and then forget to know what they know so that they can continue doing what they want.

Google and Keywords

If there are 1 billion keywords then there are 1 billion Google first pages. If there are 1 trillion keywords then there are 1 trillion Google first pages.

Google’s first page is merely a list of the 10 most relevant web pages in Google’s estimation for a search term.

To be included in this top 10 is really simple but yet so hard. This apparent oxymoron is the reason most people fail to make any real money online.

It is so simple because the route is defined, it is so hard because very few want to believe the evidence in front of their eyes.

The Road Map to Google’s First Page

Google’s first page results as previously mentioned is a list of web pages that Google believes are most relevant to a given search term.

A search term is a word or phrase typed into a search bar.

Is Your Web Page Indexed

Google search is a combination of a massive computer in which literally billions of web pages are filed away and a program designed to link these stored web pages to search terms.

Having your web page filed in Google’s data base/filing cabinet is referred to as being indexed.

The first requirement for Google first page eligibility is being indexed. If your web site/web page is not indexed then as far as Google search is concerned it does not exist.

On Page SEO

On page SEO (search engine optimization) is the art/science of including keywords into a web page that you would like the page to be considered relevant for in the search engines.

If you want to target traffic for your real estate practice in Chicago then you might have pages that target keywords like Chicago Homes for Sale, Chicago Real Estate, etc.

On page SEO is really helpful in ranking a web page for non competitive keywords, it is a tiny percentage of the ranking pie for competitive keywords.

The Truth about SEO

Google or any search engine ranks indexed web pages for keywords in relation to search terms. Repeat (this is one of the simple stupid facts that failed internet entrepreneurs claim to know but ignore) Google ranks indexed web pages for keywords in relation to search terms.

So if you are interested in attracting target traffic to a website selling homes in Chicago then your key words must reflect the search terms that you believe people interested in Chicago real estate are typing into search bars.

Stupid real estate agents blog, successful real estate agents post carefully crafted articles, optimized for relevant keywords.

Mega successful real estate agents know that Google is a color/image blind, text driven beast that only answers to one master. That master is backlinks whose anchor text is the keyword.

<a href= “http://I am the worst realtor in the history of earth.com”>Chicago Real Estate<a/>

If you want to own Google’s first page for the search term Chicago Real Estate then your back link anchor text must be Chicago Real Estate.

You must let Google know that you are the most relevant web page on the net for the search term Chicago Real Estate by having as many back links necessary for this search term to climb over competing web pages for this search term.

How many back links is this. The answer is that you will have enough back links for a keyword when you are number 1 in the search engine results for that keyword.

What about Content

The question you must ask yourself is: Am I trying to make some money or am I trying to make a nice web site. The two are not synonymous. I can have a nice website up and running using wordpress in less than an hour. It will cost me (a) time, (b) the price of a domain name and (c) hosting, and it will make me zero dollars ever, no matter how long I keep it online.

The reason being that it is the proverbial needle in the haystack.

The internet is like a freeway on Friday evening, it is crammed to overflowing, anyone who wants to make money needs a police escort or a helicopter ride.

A beautiful website with excellent content is merely a vehicle stuck in traffic going nowhere.

What has content got to do with making money if no one knows that you exist. Content is only relevant when you actually have a visitor who is interested in your content.

Google has absolutely no interest in your content other than the keywords that it contains in relation to search terms that are being typed into its search engine.

Duplicate Content

All content is duplicate, Google merely presumes that the most relevant web page for a search term is the one with the most/best backlinks for the related keyword.

Google’s First Page

If you are just starting out try to get a decent domain name with your keywords in it. Chicago Real Estate.com is far better than John Can Sell.com.

Despite it’s apparent irrelevance do have a nice well designed website with the very best content that you can possibly write/buy/get.

Absolutely and positively ensure that each and every page/post/article on your website is indexed by the search engines. Do it manually here: Index Web Page.

Get keyword relevant anchor text backlinks, rinse and repeat untill you have conquered your market.

Simple really but oh so hard.