To Give or To Get

backlink spamThere is an old and incontravenible universal law which basically says that to get you must first give or  that all great fortunes are built by giving what you have to offer and not by just taking.

Consider “facebook” as an example, the creators of facebook are now billionaires yet they gave their product “facebook” away to anyone who wanted it for free.

Apple also put huge efforts without any reward or guarantee of gain into their products prior to launch.

This brings me to spammers and while I understand that all spam is driven by Google’s nonsensical notion of using backlinks as a gauge of a websites worth, the reality is that when a spammer hits one of my many blogs they come bearing no gift with only the intention of aiding themselves and their quest for internet pennies.

My real pet hate in this is that I failed to uncheck a box or two when setting up my wordpress blogs and hence my yahoo in-box is daily filled with notifications of posted comments awaiting moderation, a moderation which will never come I should add.

Then there is the track-back version of spam which takes the liberty of moderating itself, removing me from the equation and appearing on my website as if I had approved it myself.

I had previously taken the perspective that to accept comments would be a good thing as in the past I have written comments myself on the websites of others, I must admit however that I did take the time to read the post and write a relevant comment.

So to the authors of  software that enable spammers I would ask why not write a program that offers something to the prey in return for the free lunch.

Make it worth my while to allow your spam onto my websites which coincidentally I do own, host, provide content for and annually renew domain names.

This expense is totally borne by me and the spammer for some reason believes that they should have access to the fruit of my expense merely because they purchase scrapebox or some such and a list of blogs from someone on the warrior forum or black hat world, please.

Me, I understand capitalism, I know about money and grocery shopping and I also understand the concept of joint venture. So wise up spammer and give me something before you try to take, at least try using the old bribes of please and thanks.

On a more how should should I put it illuminate note, how do you expect to harvest when you have failed to sow and tend a crop. All those wasted hours spamming 10K blogs for 50 backlinks from innocent fools who approve without moderation.

In the end the winners will always be the visonaries who pioneered a new idea and the scraps will be left for the bottom feeders and spammers.

Here’s a tip, set up a little backlink farm of your own, get a couple of hundred domains, set up blogs, and host on separate ip’s and spam the hell out of yourself.

You links will always be posted and they will be yours alone. I do understand that this method will cost you some money but hey Apple wasn’t built in a day.

Please consider this little post as my way of giving back to the spam merchants even though they have only taken from me.

As Marianne Williams would say and I quote: “Just because some has closed their heart isn’t reason for you to close yours.”