Shark Fishing in Lake Baikal

Did you know that lake Baikal is the largest lake on the planet, you didn’t, well to be honest up until I did a google search for the largest fresh water lake in the world either did I. I guess it is in Russia so it is most probably a comment spammer.

Anyway this guy that I know who has more money than sense and who just loves to fish for shark decided to buy the best shark fishing gear in the history of earth and seeing as his intended prey was great whites and great whites like to dine on seals he arranged to have a supply of live seal pups shipped via FedEx to his encampment on Lake Baikal in the Russian motherland.

It was really exciting setting out that first morning to get some great whites, casting those seal pups wiggling and screaming into the cool clear waters of Lake Baikal but guess what my bud’s excitement gradually turned to a large dose of pissed off ness. Yeah you’re right all he reeled in was intact seal pup, not a white shark in sight and you know why because great whites live in salt water and my bud was fishing in a place where no self respecting great white would set foot.

The moral of this tale is that it really doesn’t matter how good your website is, or how good your offers or your content or your copy writing is, if you are fishing for shark in fresh water then you are not getting any hits.

My dad used to fish in the river Liffey with a line wrapped around a small piece of wood which he unwinded into the water and man did he catch joeys when they where shoaling, no boat, no rod, whatever was available as bait and he ate good,

This was because he was fishing where the fish where. He had natural organic traffic sniffing around his line.

Is your website dangling where the fish are!