Search Terms

 Search Terms

The holy grail of Internet marketing is to be on Google’s first page results for a chosen Search Term. In terms of Internet marketing having a website ranked first on Google’s first page results is the equivalent of having a store on New York’s Fifth Avenue or Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. It is what every webmaster strives for.There is however an obvious fact in relation to Google’s first page results and search terms that we tend to overlook. Like most things in life the obvious is sometimes overlooked as we rush by it in out hurry to get somewhere fast.  

I know that you know this but do you really know it.  

There is a Google first page for every Search Term. Think of this, for every search term that can be spun from the English language there is a Google first page.  

This is where Internet marketing differs so completely from main street marketing. There is only one Fifth Avenue; there is only one Rodeo Drive. Conventional real estate is limited. Virtual retail space is limited only by the limits of your mind, and as such your opportunities to be on Google’s first page results for a search term is limited only by your unwillingness to think laterally.  


Keywords are the words or phrases you choose to build a website or web page around. Like search terms there are as many possible keywords as the English language will permit. You can literally optimize your web pages for any keyword phrase you can imagine. 


Search Terms + Keywords = Traffic

If the success of your website depends on getting on Google’s first page for a search term then it should be obvious that your web pages should be optimized with a keyword phrase that mirrors the search term traffic that you are targeting.You would use different bait if you where fishing for shark than for salmon. Keep this in mind when starting a web page. Choose the fish and then choose the bait.  

Choose the search term you wish to target and then proceed in your quest to catch it.  

Some people will read the above and scratch their head and wonder is this guy really with us here. Everyone knows that keywords and search terms are the same thing. Yes and everyone is making lots of money online.  

In terms of language keywords and search terms are the same, but we are not in the business of writing poetry or novels, we are internet marketers and in the internet marketing business keywords and search terms are totally distinct from each other. Web Surfers use search terms. Webmasters use keywords.  

 Believing that keywords and search terms are one and the same creates a mindset that guarantees internet marketing failure, because it is the mindset of a web surfer. Successful internet marketing requires an internet marketer’s mindset. Believing that keywords and search terms are one and the same is tantamount to believing that you should use shark as bait to fish for shark.  

Most people who type search terms into a Google bar have never written a web page. Search terms are the currency of shoppers. Keywords are the currency of marketers. The secret to success in internet marketing is a compatible marriage between search terms and keywords, the offspring of this marriage should be web pages that get traffic.  

Online Marketing Success

The whole reason for this article is to highlight the reality that you must start off a webpage knowing its target audience. You know your targeted audience by knowing the search term that they type into a search bar. Success in internet marketing stems first and foremost from understanding this concept.  

Though this concept may appear totally obvious the grim reality that most internet marketers do not make even a single dollar a day online points to the sad conclusion that accepting the obvious as obvious is a fatal error.