Panda Penguin and SEO Disasters

Panda Penguin and Other SEO Disasters

panda penguin seoFirst let me preface this piece by admitting that I know little if anything re what Google is up to with their constant algorithm updates other than to mess with the psyche of the so called web masters who if they were masters they they claim to be would know what they were doing but alas their pages are on page 99 of Google’s search results, so like me they too know little if anything.

Google so wants to be like God, to be there observing and dishing out unbeknown to the masses who they are deciding for.

What this really means is that Google would like people using the internet to go about their business doing what they do indifferent to Google and their infamous algorithm. Then Google could dish out search results that met the criteria of the end user without manipulation by those who would be atop page one of their results page.

Unfortunately for Google everyone knows that they are there, deciding God like who shows up first and therefore who makes money. So those who would make money have no option but to do all within their power to manipulate Googles results pages to ensure that they are as high on page one as is possible.

But Google doesn’t like this, they call these people black hatters and spammers and do all within their power to thwart their SEO efforts hence panda and penguin and whatever else you would like to call an algorithm tweak.

I sometimes wonder if Google isn’t the biggest loser in all this. Their vast empire exists solely on the back of search yet rather than focusing on improving their search engine to make it the absolute best it could be they are focusing their efforts on the rodent black-hatters who are constantly buzzing around their heads like a bunch of rabid mosquitoes.

Regardless of virtual universes, we are all limited at a base level to the realities of planet earth, we must eat and shelter ourselves from the elements, this little earth bound exercise requires money and who amongst us is willing to let the whims and/or desires of Google decide our fate.

seo back linksGoogle is screwed if it keeps altering its approach to combat ordinary people who are just trying to make a buck which incidentally is what Google is all about. To succeed Google must find a way to offer excellent search results while at the same time facilitating Joe Ordinary who calls himself a Web Master and who has no qualms about buying backlinks, over optimizing and spamming to get what he/she needs regardless of how this affects Google.

God is good, God is fair, he gave some brains and others black hat seo.

Judging by Google’s constant algorithm change it looks like the spammers are winning.

As a final thought enter a US city followed by the keywords “homes for sale” into a Google search and the top results will be for websites like Zillow, Homesdotcom and mlsonline etc, all websites set up to sell leads to the people who have the homes for sale.

If Google was true to its mission statement then the realtors with the homes for sale would be top of the results page for homes for sale, not the lead farmers with not a single property for sale. Go figure.

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