Make Money Online

Make Money Online

The reason most people fail to make money online is because they are way to bright and being intelligent and understanding that Google is the ultimate web technology company they believe that to rank high in Google search results that you must use intelligent methods.

This perspective is exactly what dooms most attempts to make money online and positively guarantees dismal failure.

Imagine if you where fluent in Chinese with an honours degree in communications from the best university in China. Then imagine you woke up hungry without a translator in Italy and wanted some breakfast. So you go into a restaurant and order your favourite breakfast in your best Chinese and the waiter takes your order in his best Italian, you know exactly what you want he hasn’t got a clue what you want, what do you think you will be eating for breakfast.

This is the dilemma facing most people who attempt to make money online. The fact that you have a creative writing degree from Harvard and an advanced web design degree from MIT practically ensures that you will have a superbly designed website with excellent content and graphics, it also almost inevitably guarantees that you will have virtually zero traffic unless you care to pay for it.

Put bluntly your brilliant website will be as busy as a sand store marooned at the epicenter of the Sahara Desert.

Your crime is that you stupidly believed that your intelligence combined with your creative writing skills and your advanced web design knowledge would be advantageous to you in your goal of making money online when the opposite is closer to the reality of Internet life.

Web reality 101 states that Google speaks Italian while you with your school learned conventional skills are trying to order breakfast in Chinese.

Google operates by sending bots out to scout the web and report on what they find on their Internet travels. The bots or robots bring back the relevant information (relevant from Google’s perspective) from the web pages they visit and Google indexes this information in its vast data banks.

When Joe Blogs in cyberland types “ways to make money online” into the Google search bar on his computer Google accesses the information the bots indexed into its vast database and spits out the most relevant web pages in order onto Joe’s computer screen.

This is actually a technological miracle, Google is the God of Search and if you want to rank highly in Google’s search results then there are a few home truths you need to know and adhere to.

Google bots are neanderthal, they are philistines, they are donkeys.  A Google bot wouldn’t know an analogy if it bit it. A google bot thinks alliteration is what you are “stupid”. A Google bot is color blind, it has no idea what a picture or image is, the beautiful graphic that cost an arm and a leg that you had custom designed is lost on a Google bot, truth is that as far as a Google bot is concerned your graphic doesn’t even exist.

This same bot does not have the slightest interested in your beautifully designed pages or the content that you spent hours writing and rewriting. All the bot is interested in is Key Words and Back Links.

The sad reality of the universe that is the WWW is that the search engines who decide whether on not you succeed or fail are the equivalent of brain dead cave men and have no interest in beauty or art and if you want to succeed you must treat them like the Gods they are and adoringly give them what they want. And again for the severely conditioned amongst you I will repeat what the search Gods want.

Key Words and Back Links

Repeat after me Key Words and Back Links

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