Everyone knows what keywords are; the problem is that just knowing what keywords are is like a handyman knowing what electricity is. If as stated in a previous article, key words are one of the two pillars of website success, then for a website to be successful in reaching the goal of every website which is getting traffic, then a little more than just knowing what keywords are is required of the website owner.

When a website owner sets out to write a web page it is vitally important that the first step taken is to decide what keyword the page is being optimized for. It is not a good idea to try to optimize pages in your site for numerous key word phrases. One keyword phrase per page or blog post is optimum.

So you have a keyword phrase chosen that is the purpose of the web page, article or blog. It might be a good thing before you start writing to check out this keyword phrase to see if anyone on the planet actually puts this phrase into a search bar. What’s the point in having a page on our site optimized for a phrase that no one is interested in?

So go to  Google’s Keyword Tool plop the phrase into the search box enter the captcha code and press get keyword ideas. If less than 1000 exact monthly searches show up then it might be a good idea to check out a different keyword phrase. It might be an even better idea to use the Google keyword tool to find a keyword as a first step in planning a new page, article or blog post.

The Keyword should feature in:

  • The page, article or blog post title.
  • The keyword should feature in the page subheadings.
  • The keyword should appear in the first and last paragraph and in some other paragraphs with a minimum of five keyword phrase insertions in the page, article or post.
  • It might also be a good idea to have the keyword in a <h1></h1> format at the start of the page.

It is also a good idea to have fresh content, that is don’t just paste and copy someone else’s work and hope Google won’t notice, they will. If you must copy and paste someone else’s work then at least have to common sense to rewrite it.