Internet Money

Internet Money

Making money online is the dream of so many aspiring web entrepreneurs’ and it is a real possibility to make lots of internet money. However although many people are making huge incomes online it should be remembered that making even $1 dollar a day on the internet is not easy.

For every successful webmaster there are thousands who are literally working for nothing. This article isn’t meant to be depressing, rather it is an attempt to paint a truer picture than those who can smell your money would have you believe

Online Money Rush

Twitter is awash with internet marketers spamming for a buck, WordPress, Blogger everywhere you look it’s the same thing, two gazillion “webees” scrambling for a buck and if the truth be known not a one of them is making a dollar an hour. Is there ever going to be a possibility that internet marketing will be a successful enterprise for the hordes who are plying their wares online.

Here’s what I think: Other than websites that are actually selling tangible products the only ones who are making an actual sustainable living online are those who are bringing a product to market. It doesn’t really matter if that product is an eBook or some webmaster software. The fact that hundreds and even thousands of wannabe online millionaires are willing to market their product for nothing other than the promise of an affiliate commission puts them in a no lose situation.

Internet Marketing

Imagine having a product for sale and a nice sales page and then having people lining up to promote your business for zero, nada, absolutely nothing.

People will:

  • Write articles and link to your website in their resource box.
  • Post on forums with your url in their signature.
  • Pay for ppc advertising to your website.
  • Spend countless hours building back links to your website.
  • Build Hub pages, Squidoo lenses, Blogger blogs, WordPress blogs and point them all to your website.

And all you have to do is pay them if they send you a paying customer.

So what is the sardine to do to distinguish themselves from the shoal. First forget the hive mind, become yourself, for gods sake stop believing the guru.

You do know that the guru makes his internet fortune because you are drinking the cool aid and sending him/her your money and your traffic. In return they are giving you lip service.

Some real sources of internet money:

  • Google really works for the internet marketer and publisher. Adwords really works, it may be paid spam but if you play by Google’s rules and choose your keywords carefully you will get traffic.
  • Adsense pays real money for your traffic. If you have a keyword optimized webpage and you have traffic you will get clicks and Google pays out every month.
  • Commission Junction has some great products to market. They pay out when you reach $100, their money is good. Do not in any way ad a porn site to your Commission Junction list of websites even if you do not intend to place their code on it, your account will be cancelled.
  • EBay will work if you take the time to study their system. A few years ago I made some real money buying text books on eBay and selling them on Amazon.
  • Amazon is a top class place to make money if you have something to sell. Their affiliate program will only work if you have lots of traffic. You can make money on Amazon but we are talking about a sustainable living here.

Online Money

Depending on where you live in the world making a living online has different expectations. If you live in the USA in a large metropolitan area and are over 18 then you will need to be making at least $500 a week to give up the day job and earn a living online. Other parts of the world require less online mone to support a real world lifestyle.

However the internet doesn’t take this into consideration. The internet doesn’t care if you are paying $2000 a month for an apartment inManhattan or a fraction of that  for a sunny studio in Costa Rica.

All the internet cares about is traffic, and all traffic cares about is keywords.