Internet Marketing Question

Internet Marketing Question

This post is in the form of a quiz, I ask a question, you take a moment to answer it and then I give my rant.

So the question is tell me in one sentence what the term internet marketing means to you. I will now put in a nice picture to break the text to allow you to answer the internet marketing question. Notice how I sweetly interwove my keyword into the text.

After you have written a one sentence answer to my inter marketing question “what is internet marketing” proceed to the text below this intriguing image. No cheating now!

internet marketing question

Internet Marketing Question-Answer

I am sure that most people will have answered my internet marketing question with phrases that included the following terms CPA, CPC, Adsense, Clickbank, Commission Junction, Ebay.

This is because almost everyone in the bottom 99.9% of internet marketers actually believe that internet marketing is about having a neat website and an affiliate or ppc offer.

Admittedly having a web presence is a vital ingredient in the “internet marketing question” pie, but in reality although vital it is a tiny percentage in the reason why some people make tons of money online and most people struggle to make pennies.

Internet Marketing Question-Internet Realities

There is a guy in the town where I live with a large hand made sign in his front garden which happens to be on the main road. The sign reads simply “Will do odd jobs” and has a phone number in large easy to read format imposed on it.

The sign is badly made and ugly but I am willing to bet that because of its prominent location and visibility on the main road in my town that he gets work from this sign.

Internet marketing isn’t really all that different from a guy in a small town putting out a sign on his front lawn. The name of the game is visibility. And believe me there is very little visibility on page 101 of Google’s search results.

The reason you aren’t making any money is because no one knows you exist. Imagine if my industrious neighbor decided to install his sign in his back garden or basement out of sight and out of mind how many odd jobs do you think he would get. The answer is just about as much traffic as a website that is not on Google’s first page.

Internet Marketing Question-Backlinks are the Answer

In reality traffic is the answer but unless you are willing to pay or constantly post then the only route to traffic is backlinks.

The people who make real money on the internet know without a shadow of a doubt that internet marketing and backlinks are synonymous. Put simply backlinking is internet marketing.

Having a website with an affiliate link of PPC offer means that you have a website with an affiliate link or PPC offer. Regardless of how pretty your website is you will not make a single cent.

Having an ugly website with a revenue source and tons of backlinks will make you money. Having a great website with a revenue source and tons of backlinks will make you rich.

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