I Wonder about Twitter

Twitter seems to be all the rage at the moment but I just wonder if it really is any good as an internet marketing tool. Most of the tweets I see coming from the “tweeters” are blatant affiliate links mostly Clickbank.

I suppose it is a good platform to use for spying or internet marketing espionage, you get to see what your fellow internet marketers are getting up to and exactly what they are trying to sell.

It’s like I write a weight loss blog so I searched for weight loss twitters but mostly every tweet is an affiliate link. There is very little meat and I suppose what do you expect in a 140 character format.

Anyway despite the abundance of weight loss programs and varying diets on the market there really is only one way to lose weight  and man is it painful both emotionally and physically.

Listen up I am about to expose the only weight loss secret known to man: “Watch what you eat, choose healthy fresh foods and get some exercise.” Now there that was really simple.

I suppose like everything else in life weight loss or weight gain is just common sense 2+4=4 kind of stuff.

I wonder is internet marketing governed by the same set of common sense criteria. I mean most people who call themselves internet marketers are making less than minimum wage and why do you think that is.

Could it be that there are only so many people out there looking to buy an eBook on hemorrhoids or genital warts and most internet marketers have no email list and even less traffic and besides if it’s a Clickbank product chances are that one of the big boys already has their cookie wedged firmly into your prospects cache.

Yes it’s true you might spend some money on adsense marketing your favorite Clickbank product only to find that the commission you have paid Google to find goes to someone who has been cookie stuffing.

Then Google decides because your website is spam that (a) you will never smell the first 20 pages of search results and (b) even if it decides to let you use adwords it will charge you a lot.

Just wondering isn’t adwords just another form of spam, I mean who asked Google to put ads onto their search results. It appears that at least from Google’s perspective spam is A OK if they are making a buck from it otherwise it should be handles like a leper with the plague, pig flu and halitosis.

So there you are a diminutive no one sitting out there in your basement in nowhere land blogging from your laptop on the beach sipping strawberry daiquiri’s or so you would have us believe and the truth is that you made $10 on adsense yesterday and that was your best day in weeks and you really think that I should try this great keyword tool that is absolutely certain to net me $10K a month in revenue. But the question is who exactly is going to be buying all the product that is going to get me $10K a month in commissions.

Go Daddy who I find to be a great vendor pays like 20% which means to net $10K a month I need to send GoDaddy like $50K in business, man that’s a whole lot of domain names.

Then getting onto Google first page for anything worthwhile means that you have to have like a gazillion back links. Can you believe that counting back links is the best way that Google the ultimate in computer technology can come up with to rate the relevance of a website for a particular search term, its mind boggling really.

Anyway the sad reality is that Google is really the only game in town and if you want to sip daiquiris on any beach anytime soon then you had better learn to play by their rules.

The more I write the more I believe that spam is the only way to go. I mean it seems to be working on twitter, Google themselves are in the business of selling it and regardless of what you said when you gave your email to get a free report aren’t most of the emails that your get everyday from your favorite guru really just spam.

It’s like everyday when I go out to get the mail, all the crap and no checks. Will someone tell the USPS that at least 1 in 5 letters should have a check? I mean how is a guy supposed to eat let alone pay Hostgator for hosting, and don’t start me on renewing my domain names.

How many domain names do you have, I hope it’s a lot and I hope that they are good otherwise you wont be sipping daiquiris on the deck chair next to me anytime soon.

Check me out on twitter wwwcash I’m the one not trying to sell you anything and if you are trying to lose weight check out my blog at Weight Watch where I am detailing my quest to lose 30lbs.