How to Set Up a WordPress Blog

how to set up a wordpress blogHow to Set Up a WordPress Blog

Ok so there are two types of wordpress blogs, the dot com variety and the dot org variety. The dot com version of wordpress is a free blogging platform hosted by wordpress. It is similar to blogger which is hosted and operated by Google.
The dot org version of wordpress is free blogging software that must be hosted by the individual who owns the blog.

How to Set Up a WordPress-Blog-Pros and Cons

The pros of the dot com wordpress blog is that:

  • It is totally free.
  • It is hosted for free.
  • There is no need for a domain name.

The cons of the dot com wordpress blog are:

  • You don’t actually own it.
  • You don’t own your own content as it pertains to the blog.
  • You are subject to WordPress terms and condition (TOS).
  • At any time without explanation wordpress can terminate your blog for tos reasons.
  • You are building traffic for wordpress and not yourself.

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog-Pros and Cons

The cons of a dot org wordpress are:

  • You need a domain name.
  • You need website hosting.

The pros of a dot org wordpress blog are:

  • You totally own your blog and its content.
  • You are building value for your own domain name.
  • Your blog cannot be terminated ever unless you forget to renew your domain name.

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog-Wordpress dot Org

  • You will need a domain name. If you do not have a domain name the best deals are at GoDaddy
  • You will need hosting preferably a web host that offers fantastico which enables a 1 click wordpress install. Go to HostGator for Hosting here.

How to Set Up a WordPress Blog-The Simple Way

  • Go to Godaddy and get a domain name.
  • Go to HostGator and sign up for a baby croc account this account lets you host as many domain names and blogs as you want with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited disc space for $7.95 per month. There is a Hatchling plan for $4.95 per month but this only allows one domain name. If you are sure you will never need another domain name hosted then go for the Hatchling plan for $4.95.

Now you are ready to start your wordpress install.

  • Go to your GoDaddy domain manager and click the box in front of the domain you want to set the blog up on.
  • In the top menu that lights up click name servers then set nameservers then I have specific nameservers.
  • Into the box that opens up put your HostGator name servers they will be similar to this “ns1677 and ns1678.hostgator .com”.
  • Press OK then OK again.

Next go to your Hostgator cPanel and click add on domains (note this is only for people who have more than one domain name). When you buy your HostGator hosting you will have to give them one domain name as your main domain name. If this is your only domain name and you wish to use this for your blog skip this step and go straight to fantastico.

After you click on add on domains a window will open.

  • In the first box place the domain name you wish to add to your HostGator account.
  • Skip the Subdomain/Ftp Username box.
  • Skip the Document Root box.
  • Fill in the password boxes and press add domain.

Go back to the cPanel main page and press the blue smiley face fantastico button.

  • In the left hand column of the window that opens press wordpress.
  • In the window that opens press New Install.
  • From the scroll down box highlight the domain name you wish to use for the blog. It is important that you pick the option that is the domain name only and not the double barrel version ( and not Once again this only applies to hosting that has more than one domain name.
  • Leave install in directory blank.
  • Administrator is your user name for this account you will need this to log into your blog control panel.
  • Password is the password to log into your control panel.
  • Admin nickname is the name that will show as the writer of the posts on the blog.
  • The email is the email you wish to associate with the blog any email will work.
  • Site name is the name of the blog like cat food.
  • Description is the words that will appear in the header below the site name like premium cat chow.
  • When you are happy with what you have put in the boxes press Install WordPress.
  • Then press Finish Installation.
  • In the next window put in an email address and press send email. It will send you an email with your new blog control panel details and log in details.

You have just set up your wordpress blog which will come with a few plugins and a few templates or Themes.

You are ready to start blogging but first you should take time to spruce up your new blog with some vital plugins and a wordpress theme that suits your site content.
In the next post I will lay out the steps to installing the necessary Plugins and new Themes.