Backlinks Report

Backlinks Report

backlinks report
This short post is designed to introduce a superb backlinks report that will cost you $7 dollars but will change how you look at internet marketing.

The reality of internet marketing is that if you don’t rank high in the search engines then you are not really internet marketing, you are merely designing web pages that no one will ever see.

By ranking high in the search engines I mean on the first page of the results for your keywords.

Google Page Rank- Content

Consider the following sentences and compare them to your accepted beliefs in relation to internet marketing:

  • Content regardless of what you might care to believe is most definately not king.
  • There is no such thing as duplicate content.

The absolute reality of internet marketing and search engine optimization is that content only comes into play after your web page opens in a visitors browser window. Before that your content is invisible to everyone and everything except the bots that the search engines send out to analyze your keywords.

The bots are merely machines sent out to analyse your page content by assessing keywords. They couldn’t grade your content even if they wanted to.

Having world class content is only as good as the traffic that reads it.

Google Page rank-Backlinks Report

The horrid and awful truth of page rank and search engine dominance is that it is only about backlinks. No backlinks equals confinement to the nether regions of search results which in turn means that your beautifully designed website for all intents and purposed really doesn’t exist.

Google uses backlinks to rate web pages. It rates backlinks thus:

  • Page rank of backlink: This is the page rank of the website that is backlinking or pointing to your website
  • Relevance of backlink: Relevance of backling means does the website backlinking to your site share relevant content, ie if your site is a dog food site is the baklinking site a dog or pet related site.
  • Anchor Text of backlink: Your backlink should be in the format <a href= “”>This is My Famous Webiste</a>. This is My Famous Website is the anchor text. The anchor text should reflect the keywords you are xpecting Google to recognize and rank your backlink/website for.

Backlinks Report-Dominate the Search Engines

For a one time outlay of $7 you can get this superb backlinks report written by the great OZ who is a recogonized SEO Expert. Try it out you won’t regret it and if you do come back and comment here and I will try and get you a refund. Get the Backlink Report Here.