Adsense Websites

Adsense Websites

A good way to get started making some money online is with mini websites target to Google Adsense. Adsense websites don’t need to be overly complicated and you don’t need to know any html or web design to make a successful adsense website.

Keyword Research

Before you start building an adsense website it is very important to know what niche you are targeting. There is not much use setting up an adsense website to target a keyword that gets very few monthly serches and with low click cost. This will ensure that you never make a dime in adsense revenue.

Google Keyword Tool

Go to the Google keyword tool and play around with it for a while until you can come up with some keywords that have good exact search numbers and a decent click cost (cpc).

In the Google keyword tool select:

  • Match type Exact
  • Hide advertiser competition.
  • Use Global Monthly Search Volume Figures.
  • Enter keywords and press Get Keyword Ideas.

Multiply the CPC by the Global Monthly Search Volume Figure.

If the answer is less than 10,000 consider another keyword.

Keyword Rich Domain Name

Go to GoDaddy and see if you can find a dot com or dot net with an exact keyword from your Google Keyword Tool research that has a CPC by Global Search multiple of more than 10,000.

Consider dot com’s with the keyword plus another word. If your keyword was online marketing then try dot com options like best online marketing etc.

Adsense Revenue

After you open an account with Google Adsense you can create adsense ads and place the code for those ads in your website. If a visitor to your website clicks on your Google adsense ad then Google will credit your account a percentage of the clock cost.

Adsense Website Format

Using the simple wordpress install set up a wordpress blog.

Install the following plugins:

  • All in One SEO Pack.
  • Google XML Sitemaps.
  • Ultimate Google Analytics.

Choose a theme that suits your needs there are literally thousands of free themes available. This blog uses the Carrington Blog 2.2. It is very versatile and it is easy to configure your adsense code to fit into this blogs color scheme. Check out Premier Payday

Adsense Website Optimization

Depending on the competition in your chosen niche it should be relative easy to get onto Google’s first page results for your chosen keyword.

  • The keyword you are targeting should be in your domain name, preferably in exact format.
  • The keyword you are targeting should appear as the title of your post.
  • The keyword you are targeting should start your post in <h1> tags.
  • The keyword you are targeting should appear in the first paragraph.
  • The keyword you are targeting should appear randomly through the post.
  • The keyword you are targeting should appear in the last paragraph.
  • Any photographs in the post should have an alt tag.
  • The post should have at least 5 tags.
  • Post subtitles should be researched using Google’s keyword tool and should be related to the targeted keyword.
  • You will need to post 5 articles with 5 to 7 tags per article

Adsnese Code

Do not put adsense code into your site until it is ranking in Googles search.


Depending on the competition for your chosen keyword you will need to get backlinks to achieve high Google results ranking.

The best ways to get backlinks are:

  • Submit articles to article directories with the website url in the resource box.
  • Post meaningful comments to blogs.
  • Become active in forums related to your keyword and have your keyword in your signature.
  • Submit your url to directories.
  • Become active in social networks like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Submit your url to classified ad sites.
  • Submit to press release sites.
  • Answer questions at Q&A sites


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