Make a Killing Online

The world and its mother is intent on making a killing on the internet and the word on the street is that the only truth in relation to keywords is to be found in the Google keyword tool.

The plan is find a hot keyword that has little competition put up a website or blog and dominate the niche.

So, well so,

A hot keyword with little competition is an oxymoron or put another way a contradiction.

Google’s keyword tool is designed with Adword advertisers in mind so when the average web Joe uses it to access keywords he/she should bear this in mind. Google is not in the business of helping webmasters access competition, rather they are in the business of making money from advertisers who are willing to pay for the privilege of being first on Google results fro a given search term.

The term Locksmith Indianapolis according to Google’s Keyword tool gets 590 exact global monthly searches with an estimated cost per click of $17.07.

However if you add an “s” to locksmith the term Locksmiths Indianapolis according to G’s wonder tool gets 140 exact monthly searches and a cost per click of $0 .05. Yes Google is a charity and is actually giving away first page places for 5 cents.

Now here’s the thing if I as a web surfer find myself in need of the services of a locksmith my search term would most likely be Locksmiths Indianapolis bedause I want a list of available locksmiths form whom I can choose.

However if I am a locksmith in Indianapolis advertising on Adwords my keyword would be Locksmith Indianapolis because I am no interested in plural because in the locksmith world plural means competition.

The surfer/searcher wants competition, the advertiser wants plural.

So if you find yourself building a web presence using Google’s keyword tool to chose keywords then you should proceed with caution and ask yourself which keyword would my customer use and not which keyword would I like them to use.

There has been a lot of action is the made for adsense website/blog world. IT seems that the plan is to find a hidden niche with keyword that gets like 3000 exact monthly searches and a tasty cost per click.

The formula appears to be “searches x cpc x.005” now if the answer turns out to be 50 then you have found a nugget.

So you find a keyword that gets 3000 searches per month with a cpc of $5 and using the magic formula you get 75 so this keyword is a go.

The next step is to go to Go Daddy and get a domain name with the keyword in . However because half the known universe is now playing the adsense game your chances of (a) finding a hidden niche are slim and (b) you will not find a dot com, net or org for any keyword that Google’s keyword tool shows 1000 searches for with a decent cpc.

The truth of the adsense model is however a little sobering.

Lets assume that you have a dot net for a 3000 search keyword with a $10 cpc.

To get any revenue you will need to be on the first page of Google serp for your keyword.

To make decent money you will need to be in the top 3 results.

If you are in position 3 you may get 1000 page impressions a month. Of this you may have a click through rate of 5% if you are lucky. Now the 3000 searches form Google have been reduced to 50 clicks per month.

The next slap in the face for the love struck adsense publisher is that Google is only going to pay you $1 from the $10 click.

But this is really great because you will be making $50 per month from a mini site that you just built and forgot.

The straw that breaks the camels back is the low competition clause. The guru tells you that you need to find high search niches with low competition. Remember this if you remember nothing else. While you are striving to make money form high search low competition keywords the guru is making money selling adsense courses.

There is no such thing as a high search low competition keyword. That is like saying you should look for a beautiful girl that everyone thinks is ugly.

Most made for adsense websites make less than a buck a month because they are adrift in an ocean of web garbage somewhere on page infinity of googles results for the keyword that they are chasing.

f you can get a website onto G’s first page with 5 or 6 Ezine articles than you will find that there is no one searching for the keyword and Google is paying cents per click.

In internet terms backlinks = money. If you want to make money online forget everything that the guru is saying and become a backlink whore.

Buy backllinks, trade for backlinks, spam for backlinks, offer sex for backlinks, do what you need to do to get a gazillion backlinks pointing to your website and you will become internet wealthy.

Being the sage that I appear to be, I am betting that there will soon be no shortage of long tail keyword domain names when the giddy would be adsense millionaires realize that there is little to be made playing this card.

A further look at Google’s inconsistency:

“buy a home with bad credit”, 720 exact global monthly searches, $3.84 cost per click

“buy a house with bad credit”, 1000 exact global monthly searches, $53.07 cost per click

“buying a home with bad credit”, 1300 exact global monthly searches, $55.08 cost per click

Merely going from buy to buying or house to home according to Google knocks off $50 per click.

However the light at the end of the tunnel is that a keyword domain in dot com version can be picked up by a person who is willing to look between the lines in Google’s numbers.

The dot com version of buy a home with bad credit was recently purchased for registration fee and the only reason it was available was because Google’s keyword tool says it is crap.

Go figure!